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  • mazda axela buyers guide by topcar(2014-2019)
  • mazda axela buyers guide by topcar(2014-2019)


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  • I love this car - (Verified Purchase)

    The Axela has been my favorite car and I found the comparison with Auris and Golf very helpful. I highly recommend this guide for anyone who wants to buy this car.


    May 30, 2021

  • Worth it - (Verified Purchase)

    I was greatly concerned with the diesel engine after hearing stories about the CX5. This is greatly helpful


    Aug 23, 2021

  • Happy first time buyer - (Verified Purchase)

    Axela is my first car and this article made me smarter than the dealer. Lol


    Sep 01, 2021

  • Thank you topcar - (Verified Purchase)

    This document makes me such an expert on the Axela...LOL. I was really feeling lost with so many people recommending Toyota but this is super helpful


    Jan 04, 2022

With modern technological advances, the third generation Mazda Axela has become a complex car that requires extra maintenance and care. If well maintained however, it has proven to be as reliable as the Toyota Auris and Subaru Impreza. In this book, we give you advice on what to look out for when buying a used Mazda Axela and what engines to avoid. We interview current owners, mechanics and dealers to give you unparalleled insights into the Mazda Axela. You will find real-life examples such as why the 2.2 diesel engine is the least reliable and what engine you should buy. We have distilled important points from the Owner's Manual and summarized them into simple bullet points. Through this guide, you will unlock the full potential of the Mazda Axela and save money by making the right decisions.

Contents of this Book

  1. Mazda Axela Buying Guide
  2. Which Engine You Should Choose
  3. Problems to Look Out for When Buying a Used Mazda Axela
  4. Mazda Axela Reliability
  5. Cost of Maintenance
  6. Comparison with: VW Golf, Audi A3, Subaru Impreza, Toyota Auris
  7. Owner's Manual - A Summary of Important Points