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  • mazda cx-5 buyers guide (2012-2016)


car insights PDF #121
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  • Highly recommended - (Verified Purchase)

    Thanks for this. I was torn between the CX5 and the Forester and this made it easier for me to decide. Highly recommended for anyone shopping for a CX5


    Jul 18, 2021

  • Thanks - (Verified Purchase)

    The comparison was helpful for me. Please include the Tiguan in the list also. Asante.


    Jan 01, 2021

  • Detailed and helpful - (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing level of detail for a novice buyer like me. I have been hearing a lot about the diesel engine and I was honestly worried. Am visiting a dealer next week and this came at the right time. Thanks


    Sep 23, 2020

Modern cars are getting complex by the day and so are the problems that come with them. The Mazda CX-5 is a particularly complex car that comes with systems that control virtually everything from simple tasks such as turning on wipers to complex tasks such as avoiding collisions. As much as these systems make day-to-day driving enjoyable and safe, they can be nerve wracking when they go wrong. Malfunctions can largely be avoided if one is armed with the right information.

In this book, we give you advice on what to look for when buying a used CX-5 and what engines to avoid. The 2.2 SKYACTIV turbo diesel is exciting but yet controversial and we tell you why. We interview current owners, mechanics and dealers to give you unparalleled insights into the Mazda CX-5. You will find real-life examples such as why the i-Stop does not work in high altitude regions like Nairobi and what you should NEVER DO when changing tyres for models with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS). We have distilled important points from the Owner's Manual and summarized them into simple bullet points. Through this guide, you will unlock the full potential of the CX-5 and save money by making the right decisions.

Contents of this Book

  1. What to consider before buying a Mazda CX-5
  2. The engines you should avoid
  3. Mazda CX-5 known problems and how to mitigate them
  4. Mazda CX-5 Reliability
  5. Cost of Maintenance
  6. Comparison with: Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, and Nissan X-Trail
  7. Owner's Manual - A summary of important points