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  • nissan sylphy buyers guide (2012-2021)


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The Nissan Sylphy offers an excellent alternative to the Toyota Premio and Allion which are increasingly becoming expensive due to what we call mass hysteria. People are buying them because other people are buying them and this has driven up the price to such unrealistic levels. Often people get carried away in the 'Toyota reliability and resale value' bandwagon that they forget other good alternatives such as the Sylphy. To the discerning buyer, the Sylphy offers a compelling alternative. It's affordable, comfortable and spacious than the Premio and Allion. But what is it about the Sylphy that most buyers are afraid of. Is there something you should know? Will the Sylphy spring a nasty surprise down the road after you purchase it? These are the questions we address in this guide. We go to great lengths to bring you reliable and accurate information to enable you make an informed decision. We interview current owners, mechanics and dealers to give you unparalleled insights into this car. Through this guide, you will unlock the full potential of the Nissan Sylphy and enjoy many years of pleasant driving.

Contents of this Guide

  1. Nissan Sylphy Buying Guide
  2. Is the Nissan Sylphy a Good Car to Buy?
  3. Problems to Look Out for When Buying a Nissan Sylphy
  4. Nissan Sylphy Reliability
  5. Nissan Sylphy Cost of Maintenance
  6. Comparison with: Toyota Premio, Toyota Allion, Mazda Atenza, Mitsubishi Galant Fortis